I'm a Loudmouth, You're a Puppet

by Clairaudients

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released June 28, 2013



all rights reserved


Clairaudients Kansas City, Missouri

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Track Name: Cellar
Don't try to save me yet
Not before I find my peace
I see the sign in the trees
For me to fall back to ground
The staple gun slipped
And landed in the leaves

The river dried with the rain
I can see the cracks beneath
And when you changed
Did you forget about the blood in your nervous hands
Letting down into the street
Where I sometimes sleep

So, I wanna know
Where do you go when you're alone
And would it matter if I stayed or I go

Don't take me down
Don't take me down to the cellar

So, I wanna know
Where do you go when you're alone
And would it matter if i stayed
Or if I go
So just do it right now
Lead the path away from your home
Would it matter if I chased you away
Well I guess I wont
Track Name: Like a Song
We had it out for the summer
Your soft skin in july
Our hands patience full of passing thoughts
My first guess was a lie
Now you're more like a moving a train
With no direction or flaws
The cracked cabinet in a hotel room
In west omaha

Heavy hearts let the guilty grow
Less convicted and lost
The imperfect seem much less alone
The more honest im not
So i was thinking i should let it go
Become less like a song
A little more like a sinking stone
Then my head could just stop

So cover the wagons
And oil the wheels
I've got a taste for those mountains
I wanna know how they feel
Track Name: Broken Mend
You will find your faith
In what you need
And I promise not to blame
For what you don't keep
Cause in the end alone,
We're all the same
So beautiful the world wont leave us needing

So when you fly
Don't try to look behind your fathers eyes
Just look ahead to what you couldn't find
Eventually we'll get it right

So listen to the rain
We're alive with everything
The tangible apart from what we feel but don't see
But i have seen the sun
Dry the rain from the street
Leaving everything alone
To find the meaning
Track Name: Back to the Sun
You're still in the house
Its quiet but we figured that out
And every breath that you take
Soaks the walls and it settles in the paint
I didn't know that you were leaving
But I miss you as much all the same

You're name in the stone
You'll live forever through the letters you own
While we wait out the days
Caught up and rusted alone
I don't know where you've gone
But I promise you're goin with God

We all go home
Where we belong
We all go home
Back to the sun

I do not exist in the dark
You are the light I cant finish what I start
Don't breathe don't speak back to me
The surface stays miles away
Im clutching my chest when I just wanna stay
Back down with no air and no one around

Don't climb up to the top just yet
The water stays cold so you wont burn up again
Don't pretend to be free you'll never be

But silence is sacred to those with nothing to show
So I offer my hands up for all the words in my throat
I turn towards the sun and go back to my broken home
I don't need to know